I’ll show you exactly how to sing higher, with more power and actually sound good when you sing too. Even if nothing else has worked…

I know what it’s like to sing for years only to find you still haven’t improved at all. Still struggling for the same high notes on those same songs. And even after you’ve spent months or even years watching YouTube videos, reading articles, taking singing lessons and training with singing programs you still find you can’t sing high without strain or even just sound good in any part of your range.

It sucks not being able to just enjoy singing. Getting nervous when those high notes are about to come up. I used to have the same problem, and my strategy was always the same. Close my eyes and pray. I’d try to yell up in chest voice and end up straining, going flat on the note and then miss the next few notes because I ran out of stamina. My voice was worn out after 2 or 3 songs.

I was tired of not having any vocal range, straining and sounding bad on every single song I liked…

And so began the long journey of learning how to increase my range, build a better tone and sing the songs I always dreamed of singing. I bought books on singing, took lessons with “experts” and trained with singing programs. Despite all this, I spent the next 6-7 years getting nowhere.

Everyday was the same. I would get home from work, turn on the computer and sing along to one of the many singing programs I owned. I’d simply go through the motions and strain in the same places every single time. “Don’t worry, just relax and only go as high as comfortable” the programs would say. But my voice would never go higher than that point, ever.

The advice was always the same. Don’t take chest voice too high. If you’re straining, sing lighter. All I could ever do though was yell and strain in chest voice, or flip into a weak falsetto. I couldn’t do what my favourite singers were doing.

I felt like no matter what I did, my voice would just hit a ceilling whenever I tried to sing higher and would always sound strained. And when I practiced with singing programs I had no way of knowing If I was doing the vocal exercises correctly or not.

I started to get bitter after going from teacher to teacher, book to book, and working with almost every singing program that exists. The approach that teachers took seemed to always be the same. They’d just throw me some vocal exercises and I’d have to just hope and pray that my voice would respond and grow. But it never would.

I grew tired of the common “tips” and advice from so called “experts”…

“Breathe into the belly” I tried that and it didn’t do anything to my singing.

“Don’t strain!” How?

“Sing from the diaphragm” How?

“Just go lighter” I couldn’t. I could only go loud or flip into falsetto. That was it!

“Bridge into headvoice!” I would try this in the exercises thinking I was finally making progress. Then I would go to sing a song and it would immediately fall apart and my voice would be exactly the way it always was. Strained and shouty.

I started to feel that maybe I was just destined to have a low range…

My highest note was a strained F4. Anything after that was falsetto. I read on the internet that this meant I was a Baritone and was told that only tenors can sing high. Maybe I should just learn how to sound good and accept my fate?

But sounding good was something I struggled with too. Everything I sang sounded like I was just shouting, and I had no pitch or control of my voice. I had no finesse or resonance. I would put on Marvin Gaye and shout through the song. When I tried to go lighter I would just flip to falsetto.

After 7 years of this things started to change. I learned that it doesn’t matter if you’re a bass, baritone, tenor, alto, soprano or whatever. That anyone can learn how to increase their vocal range and develop a beautiful tone. I found out there was something deeper than just singing scales or songs blindly. In order to see results, I had to do things very differently and very specifically.

I discovered that the reason many teachers and programs were unable to help me is because very few people truly know how to build a good singing voice from scratch and even fewer know how to teach it to someone correctly. Most of them can only help singers who are already good. So no wonder they couldn’t help me…at the time I was nearly pitch deaf, had no range or control of my voice.

I had a realization that I could no longer rely on others because the reality was they don’t have the answers either. Most teachers really do nothing more than give a few “tips”. If I was to increase my range, improve my tone and learn how to sing properly I was going to have to completely build my voice from ground up. I would have to understand the root cause of WHY the sounds I was making create tension instead of freedom.

Over the next few years I finally started to see regular improvement in my range and tone. “Holy cow, I’m finally getting better!” I thought. I never knew the voice was meant to grow this fast. I had tricked myself into believing that 7 years with no improvement was “just how it is”.

Over the next 3 years, I extended my full voice range way up into the 5th octave and now I can sing difficult songs that used to be impossible for me. I regularly wake up and just sing songs that go right up to A4’s without thinking or bracing in fear. I just sing and it comes out. I don’t even do vocal exercises anymore. I can literally just sing. My voice gets better everyday.

Now I have more range than I need. And I finally like how I sound too. I can now make my songs without having to worry about how high the vocal melody is going to be. Many times I will be composing a song on guitar and improvising with my voice and I’ll go up to B4’s, C5’s without realizing it until I check back later. Singing finally feels fun because I can push into my voice with a lot of emotion and aggression without fear of it locking up, hurting or straining.

Imagine having that huge weight lifted off your shoulders. You spend so long trying to get your instrument to work and now that it finally does, it’s like “what do I do now?”. It frees you up to focus on delivering the song. Now you can focus on sounding good and connecting emotionally and the actual performance instead of “I hope I can hit these notes”.

It’s such a cool feeling to walk into band practice and not have to worry what key the song is in. Instead of picking keys based on what notes you can’t hit, you pick them based on how it sounds. Where your voice shines the most. And if you feel like moving a little out of those boundaries your voice will let you do it.

So what did I do differently?

You may be thinking “What vocal exercises did you do to see such dramatic changes?” Well that’s the thing. I used the same routines and exercises that never used to help me before. I had trained about 5-7 years with these programs and exercises with almost no results. And here I was using the same exercises, but suddenly gaining rapid results.

What changed was not the exercises, but how I was doing them. I made specific adjustments to the tone I used, the way I articulated sounds and how I powered my voice. As I got higher and approached the area I would usually strain, I made strategic adjustments to my tone and resonance in order to alleviate tension and keep singing higher. With practice, this became my new way of forming sound, and singing became a joy, not a battle.

What I found was that there are specific adjustments you need to make in your voice in order to prevent strain from occurring. When you make these adjustments in your tone, your resonance frees up which allows you to power into your voice more instead of feeling like you have to back off in fear of straining.

And it’s the powering into your voice that strengthens it. The problem is, people are powering into their voice wrong and so their voice gets weaker not stronger.

It became clear to me: It was so stupid for me to expect to get better by just blindly singing along to scales up and down over and over again while a teacher sits by idly saying generic comments like “Good job! Remember to breathe!”

There’s nothing “magical” about vocal exercises. It’s YOU who has to put the “magic” into them. A vocal exercise can either tear down your voice, do nothing for your voice, or make your voice stronger and more flexible. It all depends how you do it.

HOW you create sound is more important than WHAT exercises you do.

People always say “Singing takes lots of practice, keep practicing hard!” well it takes much more than practice. I practiced for like 7 years, 1 hour a day and got nowhere. If the sounds are wrong you can practice all you want and you won’t see ANY improvement in your vocal range or tone.

For example, did you know that wherever your vocal break is, the real problem is actually occurring about 4 notes before the strain even starts? And if you make the necessary adjustments, with practice, the break will start to vanish and shift up higher. My break used to be on the F4. Now it’s on the D5. That’s way up in the female range.

It’s a strange feeling when you no longer have to push against an immovable ceiling to sing. The feeling of your voice just sailing up through the notes. Your standards begin to change. Instead of just wanting to “hit the notes” you now want to REALLY SING THEM because now you can. It frees you up to focus on the performance itself, the expression of emotions and the artistry.

You realize you have so many choices on how to sing a line and you want to explore all the possibilities and find what makes your voice truly shine. That’s what I’ve been focusing on the last several years.

Imagine how it would feel to be in the position where your instrument just works and you can finally just USE IT and hone it? Being able to finally get on with making your songs, singing in front of people confidently, not having to worry about your voice locking up and straining midway through a phrase. Imagine how it would feel for singing to just feel good.



Your step-by-step roadmap to singing with more range and better tone.

Here’s what’s inside…

• 4.8gigs of in-depth video & audio lessons/workouts that show you step-by-step how to improve range, vocal tone, power, eliminate strain and sing like a pro.
• Access to my private Facebook community where I will personally guide you to ensure you’re training correctly.
• Audio workouts with demonstrations.
• Blank scales for you to practice on.
• Free updates
• This is a downloadable singing program.

Breathing & Diaphragmatic Support

21 videos showing you EXACTLY how to develop and APPLY the proper breathing and support needed for great singing.

I’m going to show you how to eliminate tight breathing and teach you how to breathe in a way that is free and satisfying. You’ll develop more stamina for performances and be able to sustain notes longer.

Then I’ll show you how to support your voice properly so you can sing with more power without hurting your throat. No more throat strain. Singing will finally feel good.

Extend Your Vocal Range

32 in-depth video lessons showing you exactly how to extend your vocal range and improve your tone.

I physically walk you through how to sing each vowel all the way up your range and how to sing through consonants without choking. I demonstrate how it needs to sound, how you need to approach your break and how you need to modify your vowel in order to maintain good resonance.

I teach you how to use your tongue, volume and how to position your throat to eliminate jaw, throat and laryngeal tension. These lessons will teach you to create sound in an entirely new way. These things are crucial to sing higher and with better tone.

Mixed Voice & Bridging Into Headvoice

7 video lessons focused on learning HOW to sing through your vocal break and connect chest voice through headvoice smoothly.

This workout will become the foundation for your “mixed voice” later. It will create a smooth connection through your break and begin to expand your vocal range. Once you become proficient in the video lessons, you move on to the audio workout which has 8 exercises.

Then I’ll show you how to support your voice properly so you can sing with more power without hurting your throat. No more throat strain. Singing will finally feel good.

“One Register” Full Voice & Belting Workouts

2 Advanced workouts that will build one strong register from bottom to top with no break.

20 videos altogether that show you how to increase your chest voice range, your belting voice and your mixed voice. You’ll learn how to completely eliminate your break so it’s literally one voice going all the way up. After you get good at following along with the video workouts you move on to the audio workouts.

Your voice will be strengthened and free to the point where you can sing loud, medium and lightly without having to break into falsetto.

Super Headvoice & Reinforced Falsetto

5 video lessons that teach you how to strengthen your falsetto and turn it into a headvoice or “reinforced falsetto” tone.

I’ll make your falsetto stronger, more clear and even extend the range of it higher (even into whistle register if you desire). Even if this doesn’t interest you, this is necessary in order to help strengthen your full voice beyond the C5 for males and G5 for females. If your falsetto is weak then your mixed voice/fullvoice will also be weak.

FREE Updates

Because I am so in touch with the singers who use my course, it puts me in a position to know exactly what my course is doing well and what it needs to do better. I’m always working on improving the course and delivering my knowledge in the most concise and effective way possible.

The ONLY course that caters to your unique, individual voice. Here’s why…

First you’ll send me a recording of your singing so I can hear what obstacles you’re having with your voice. Then I will let you know what specific areas of the program you need to focus on. No other course does this. They just dump the content in your lap and say “see ya”.

Then, you’ll get access to my private Facebook community that ensures you’ll keep progressing with your singing instead of getting stuck. Here’s how it works. You post a recording of a song or an exercise you’re working on. Then I reply back with an audio/video recording of my own showing you what you might be doing wrong and how to fix it.

This ensures you get results rather than ending up with yet another vocal program that “didn’t work”. Other courses may offer forums but the teacher is never there posting regularly, and when they do drop in, they only ever give you one sentence replies with generic feedback like “try to not strain so much, support a bit better”.

More isn’t better. Better is better.

I’m not here to brag about how “big” my course is. In fact my course is more stripped down and refined than what it used to be. More isn’t better. Better is better. There’s no point having 500 pages or 20 CD’s if it fails to help you sing better.

I’m always updating the course and recently I completely re-filmed the entire thing. The updates are FREE. Here’s what singers are saying about the updates:

I’m only interested in making this the most EFFECTIVE singing program for YOUR VOICE in the most concise and simple way possible. You don’t need vocal science, terminology and formulas to sing. You don’t need more “random tactics” dumped into your lap. Instead, you just need someone who knows what sounds you need to be making and what sounds you shouldn’t be making.

No one has done this correctly for you yet. That’s why you’re here….



¥21,000 ($197)

• 4.8 gigs downloadable content
• Free access to private Facebook community
• Free updates

*I live in Japan which is why the price is in yen. When you click buy you will be taken to PayPal which will convert the price into your currency.*

Where will your singing be in 6 months?

Imagine knowing exactly what you need to do in order to become the singer you always dreamed of becoming. Imagine being in a position where you know exactly what YOUR voice needs, and then knowing how to actually practice it.

Imagine every day knowing that you not only have the information you need, but also my direct guidance and feedback on whether you’re applying that information properly in your practice. If you knew what you needed to do, and knew how to do it, what would the outcome be?

Think about what that would like in 6 months if you had access to that. Instead of searching YouTube wondering who you can trust and who you can’t, you would have not only the information you need, but also the expert feedback that gives you the confidence of knowing whether you are training right or not.

That time you usually spend in frustration on YouTube, would be spent on singing songs you couldn’t previously, making the music you always wanted to make and exploring your full potential. You would finally be progressing and finally be breaking down the wall that held you back from success with your passion all these years.

Imagine if you did that for 12 months? You’d have more range than you ever thought you would need. You would have the tone you were looking for. You would be singing the songs you used to say were impossible. You would be the one getting those compliments that you see all those “natural singers” get.

Suddenly you’d have so much free time and concentration to spend on MAKING MUSIC! Having a functional voice that doesn’t strain, not having the fear of “oh I can’t sing that song”.

With that kind of knowledge, professional guidance and freedom, you could explore so many tonal characteristics and melodic ideas and truly craft YOUR SOUND that people instantly recognize.

Now imagine what the next 12 months would look like without that information and guidance. What was the last 12 months like for you? I imagine it was the same thing right? Beating your head against the wall, trying to pick up every little detail you could find but not having any luck. Not knowing what’s right, what’s wrong. And not knowing what applies to YOUR VOICE, and whether you’re even doing the exercises right anyway.

And how do you know if those small improvements you may have seen over the years are supposed to take that long? What if those are things that should have happened within 10 minutes, not 2 years? The answer is, without the correct information, and direct feedback from a true expert, you wouldn’t know.

“How do I know what you teach really works?”

I’ve helped countless singers increase their range and improve their tone. Many of them had previously trained with other singing programs and “experts” for years without any results. Here are a few…

“I feel as if I’ve made a ton of progress in such a short time, 10x more than I did in four years!”

“Phil makes SURE that you’re doing the exercises correctly. I feel truly lucky to have this man as a coach and mentor. Phil’s broken the connotation “you get what you pay for”. His lessons are of the same, or even better quality than vocal gurus who charge up to 10x in price!”

– Jay Spencer

Jay Spencer came to me almost pitch deaf, very little range and no ability to sing anything. He had trained with many singing programs and studied under teachers of other “famous methods”, but no one was able to help him sing or increase his range. After training with me, his full voice range grew well into the 5th octave (useable in songs) and his singing ability skyrocketed.

Jay sounded like this before…

Here’s what he sounds like now…

It takes a lot of training when you start from the very beginning. It’s not like taking a good singer and making them great. Jay started from scratch.

“The best vocal training investment I’ve ever made.”

“Phil has taught me the ability to smoothly bridge, and also the ability to bring up chest musculature and really learn how to belt properly. Previously I was using an extremely heady coordination.
If you’re serious about singing, and don’t want to waste your time and money, Phil is the man!”

– Quentin Bouvier

When Quentin first contacted me, he was struggling to sing high songs. He was forced to sing in falsetto above G#4 wasn’t suitable for the style of music he wanted to sing: Survivor, Michael Bolton and Ronnie James Dio.

After training with me, Quentin’s full voice range grew into the 5th octave (useable in songs). He removed almost all of his French accent and he greatly improved his power, phrasing and now is able to sing all those high rock and rnb songs.

Quentin sounded like this before…

Here’s what he sounds like now…

When Owen came to me he was struggling with strain, range, tone and phrasing. He couldn’t get above the D4 without strain. He had trained with other famous teachers without success.

After training with me, his full voice has expanded into the 5th octave and he’s now learning how to apply that range into songs. Currently he’s learning how to develop his tone and phrasing.

Quentin sounded like this before…

Here’s what he sounds like now…

“I tried other singing programs and they didn’t help me. How can I be sure this one will?”

Hey, same here. I tried just about every singing program that exists and still struggled with them. The reason why we didn’t get results is because most vocal coaches use a terrible strategy for teaching.

They throw you a bunch of vocal exercises and pray that through osmosis you will eventually “get it”.

To me that isn’t teaching. So what’s the answer?

The answer is not just having the vocal exercises but also being shown HOW to do those exercises correctly. And then you’ll need to get feedback from me to make sure you’re making those sounds correctly. So this means a platform for us to exchange audio recordings.

Without this system of getting feedback, your chances of improving your voice are slim.

Crazy how no course out there offers this right?

There are lots of subtle nuances between correct sounds and incorrect sounds. If you miss these details or don’t have access to an expert who has the ear to hear these nuances then your chances of success are slim. It doesn’t matter how many vocal exercises you do – you’ll keep hitting a wall. Having the opportunity to be able to get my direct feedback via audio/video will ensure that you know exactly how to make the right sounds that will increase your vocal range and improve your tone.

“I’ve already learned lots of vocal exercises, breathing, support etc. so I have my doubts about how “ground-breaking” this course is going to be…”

You may have been taken through the movements of these things, but you certainly haven’t been taught how to do them properly. If you had then you wouldn’t be here right now trying to find out how to increase your vocal range and fix your tone.

There is no magical secret that is yet to be discovered. Singing technique was worked out hundreds of years ago. The answers have been in front of you all this time. You don’t need new exercises. You need new insights.

The key is not about doing “mum mum mums”, “YAY sirens” or “messa di voce” 100 times. The key is not “Just keep plugging away at it”. The key is knowing HOW to do the sounds properly so that the voice can grow.

If you don’t learn how to get the specifics of the sounds right, your voice just hits a wall and doesn’t grow. You need to learn how to create sound strongly but without tension. The only way to do that is to get the sounds accurate so that the voice can resonate freely and loudly.

THE PRO SINGERS VAULT reveals to you these details, and you can always get feedback from me to ensure you’re on the right track.

“It wasn’t until my first lesson with Phil that I even had an IDEA of what I was doing wrong. Which was somewhat saddening to me considering I had been to three teachers who had called themselves “experts”.

“I had struggled with my singing for YEARS. I went to many vocal coaches. None of which could tell me that I was pushing down on my larynx which was creating a muffled sound which limited my range and effectively fooled myself into thinking that I was a baritone.

It wasn’t until Phil gave me feedback through his vocal assessment that I realized that I was doing that. I could only imagine how I would have messed up my voice if I hadn’t had met Phil.

I’m truly grateful for this course, the skill and kindness of Phil, and this community. Sorry for the rant. Just feeling real passionate haha.”

– Kelly Kilson

“But I have a deep, low voice. Will this still work for me?”

Of course. Why wouldn’t it? Have you been tricked into believing that only “tenors are blessed with high notes”? I won’t blame you if you believe that. But it’s not true regardless.

Just because your voice is deep or low doesn’t mean you can’t sing high. And singers with higher voices still get stuck in places you most likely are stuck at also.

I’ve trained plenty of tenors who couldn’t sing higher than the E4 initially and subsequently thought to themselves “That means I’m a baritone. I’ll be stuck at E4 forever…”

I thought I was a bass when I started. What I later found out though was that my voice was just weak and undeveloped.

Whatever notes you can sing in falsetto, you will eventually be able to sing with a connected, full voice tone. And if your falsetto doesn’t go very high, you can learn to extend that also. I learned how to extend my falsetto range from E5 to A5 to create more “room” for my full voice which goes just as high. THE PRO SINGERS VAULT teaches you how to do these things.

Remember, your voice is unique and when you sing high it will sound different than when I sing high. We all have a sweet spot in our range where we sound best. If your range is small and unsatisfying and your tone sucks, have no fear; you CAN extend your range and improve your vocal tone even if you have a deep or low voice!

How is this singing program any different from the other ones?

Have you ever felt like all the singing programs out there are a gamble? You buy the course and just have to hope and pray that the exercises and explanations make sense to you otherwise you’re screwed.

“Please let this finally be THE ONE.” I used to think to myself.

You buy the course and feel like you’ve been left on your own to figure it out. Rarely are you able to get any sort of feedback from the owner on whether you’re practicing properly. Sometimes they offer a support forum but the owner either never posts there, or leaves one-sentence-answers that are the exact same explanations as those in the course.

Half the time you don’t even end up finishing the course and you’re back to square one, scrounging for answers on YouTube and internet forums.

The main differences with this course compared to others is…

Whenever you buy a singing program, the creator of the program has no idea who you are or what your unique vocal struggles are. And after you purchase their program, they never bother to find out who you are or whether you’re training their program properly.

With THE PRO SINGERS VAULT, you have direct contact with me through the private Facebook community. If you’re unsure whether you’re practicing properly all you need to do is record yourself and post it up. I’ll review your recording and reply back with my own recording letting you know what you’re missing and what you’re doing good.

Because I’m always hearing the singers who use my program and seeing what they are struggling with, I have a very good idea of the types of issues I need to address in my course and areas I need to explain better. The course comes with free updates and I’m always updating it in order to make it more relevant and effective to your unique voice.

Many singing programs don’t “build you up”, they just throw exercises at you and expect you to do things that are extremely difficult almost immediately.

Mine doesn’t. I build you up with smaller skills before taking you into the more difficult things.

Almost every single course I have ever seen fails to break down the most fundamental things: support and proper resonance. These two things are the most crucial aspects of increasing your range and achieving a better tone. If your support and resonance aren’t right, no vocal exercise will be able to help you.

There are very specific details to getting these sounds right and you need a teacher who can not only demonstrate all of it but also explain it in an easy to understand way.

“Training with Phil GUARANTEES that I remain on the path of continued progress!”

“My FULL VOICE range increased as I learned how to access a chesty mix. Not just cheating for extra notes with a heady mix like every other coach wanted me to (though with Phil my head voice range increased too!) ”

– Owen Korzec

Can’t I just learn all this by myself?

In order to learn singing you must first have the ear to hear exactly what sounds you need to make that will free your voice. The difference between the sounds that work and sounds that don’t can be extremely subtle. If you knew what these differences were, you would already be seeing improvements and wouldn’t be here, reading this right now.

By the way I’m not talking about different vocal exercises. I’m literally saying the way you voice those sounds. For example, it is possible to sing the EE vowel in a way that causes you to constrict and strain. And there is a way to do it in a way that strengthens and frees the voice.

To top it all off, almost all the information I’ve seen on the internet, on YouTube, in books, courses and from teachers is either incorrect, not explained properly, or too vague for you to benefit from in any way.

Almost everyone who has trained with me has come from other teachers or tried to teach themselves. The main tactic that they are taught from others is always the same: Just sing random scales and hope your voice gets better through osmosis. It’s time to move beyond random, generic tactics like this.

Let’s face it. If you could learn by yourself, you would have done it already. We all say things like “I can do that”. Yeah but WILL you? WILL you do it? It’s time to move beyond random tactics and blind stabs in the dark and instead finally get the answers and the mysteries dispelled.

“Hey buddy I just wanted to say thank you. Thank you for being different.”

“I really appreciate your approach to being a singing instructor. I feel most other, or any other instructor that I could think of, would charge so much more to have the FB group like yours added to their program. But not you. That is simply bad ass my friend. I look forward to this journey with you man and feel confident that you can finally be the one who grants me success. Peace”

– Joshua Kephart

I’m not sure if I have enough time to practice

How long have you been stuck straining for the same notes on the same songs, year in year out? How long have you been recording yourself only to listen back and cringe while you say to yourself “….That’s my voice???”

If you ask me, spinning your wheels and getting nowhere….THAT is something you should have no time for. Learning the knowledge you need to surpass your obstacles is going to save you years of your time. You’re going to get to where you want to be faster.

Don’t you want to get your instrument working already so you can start USING IT? You wouldn’t sit around with a broken piano for years, trying to figure out how to play songs on it would you? You’d go to an expert, get it fixed and start playing it properly and expressing your art.

Six months from now where will you be?

Ever asked a natural singer how to get better? What do they always say?

“Just sing more”.

But it never works. I’ll tell you why.

Just “singing more” only makes you better if your voice and ear is functioning correctly. If you’re not in that position then you can sing as much as you want, but you’ll still be hitting a wall every time.

THE PRO SINGERS VAULT shows you how to build a functional voice and ear so that you CAN “just sing” and get results.

Imagine waking up every day knowing exactly what you need to do to smash your singing barriers. And imagine being able to get the specific answers you need from me when you get stuck. Imagine what that would do. It would free up your time and mental energy to focus on USING YOUR VOICE ARTISTICALLY. You’d suddenly be able to just focus on using your instrument instead of fixing it. No more having to go on YouTube looking for “how to sing high notes without strain”. No more having to go on forums where the blind-leads-the-blind. Instead, you’d just be singing and actually improving because your voice now functions correctly.

If you were in that position, what would 6 months from now look like? What about 12 months? Imagine never worrying about range again. Being able to sing in the band without having to transpose every song down 7 keys like I had to. Being able to create your songs and not have to change the melody lines.

Imagine being in a position where you ENJOYED your voice and others did too?

Now imagine what will happen if you don’t make this change? What will happen if you just keep doing what you’ve been doing the past year? Surfing the internet, reading forums, hoping to find the “missing link” to your voice. Imagine 6 months from now doing the same thing with no results to show for it.

Ever seen those guys on the singing forums with loads of posts and no clips of them singing? Do you want to be like that? Or do you want to be busy singing and progressing that you’re actually out there showing the world your voice and your songs?

6 months from now you can either be in the same spot you are now or you can be in a completely different place. A place where the mysteries are solved, and all you have to do is put in the time and practice. It’s your choice. Life is short, and mastering a craft such as singing is not easy. So why waste time? Get the proper information and guidance now so you can start putting in the hours that will pay off instead of practicing things that lead you nowhere.

Here’s what they’re saying…

It’s time to make a decision…

I’ve shown you what this course can do. You’ve seen the results of singers who have worked wtih my techniques, and you’ve seen my ability to communicate singing in a concise and effective way.

You’ve tried everything else and you’re scared that this might be the same as the other ones. But the fact you’re here reading this, means that you’ve already seen how I’m different from other singing teachers. And I’ve already shown you here what’s different about THE PRO SINGERS VAULT.

10 years ago my singing never got better. Week in week out I would still face the same problems. Now, every time I sing I get noticeably better. I am constantly improving and because of this, I am able to teach better and better. Wouldn’t you like to finally be able to not only get better every time you sing, but also to benefit from my knowledge that is also getting better every time I sing?

You can continue to search on the internet hoping to find “the magical piece of information” or “magic exercise” or you can have it all demystified for you right now.

Now, we’ve talked enough. I’ve answered all your questions. Will you be singing with more range and better tone? With more freedom and no strain? With better artistic delivery and musicianship? Or will you keep singing with the same limitations and frustrations forever? It’s time to make a decision.



¥21,000 ($197)

• 4.8 gigs downloadable content
• Free access to private Facebook community
• Free updates

*I live in Japan which is why the price is in yen. When you click buy you will be taken to PayPal which will convert the price into your currency.*