Get to the ROOT CAUSE of your singing struggles and CRUSH them with 1-on-1 Skype lessons

Hi there, I’m Phil Moufarrege – Pro voice teacher & owner of GROWTHEVOICE.COM

Taking 1-on-1 online Skype lessons with me is the fastest way for you to start getting results with your singing voice.  If you’re struggling with strain, a lack of vocal range, and need help singing better, I can guide you step-by-step live and show you what adjustments you need to make to start seeing results in the comfort of your own home.

What makes my lessons different from others is my EAR.  I have an exceptional ability to hear problems in your technique that are holding you back from the range, freedom and tone you seek.  Even through Skype, I can hear these things very well and know the step-by-step strategies to help you overcome these problems.

How it Works

First you’ll purchase a Skype session at the bottom of the page.  Then you’ll be asked to fill out a booking form including preferred times and days you’d like to do the training session on and you’ll also be able to give me more detail about what vocal struggles you are having and what you’d like me to help you with.  I’ll get back to you, give you my Skype ID and we’ll meet up on the scheduled time and I’ll get to the heart of your vocal obstacles and show you exactly how to overcome them.

My lessons are not generic scales with generic “tips” like “relax more/try to support better”.  I will hear exactly what is causing you problems and will strategically and directly show you how to overcome it and then apply it directly into songs.

For good results, you will most likely require regular training.  There is so much to learn and a single lesson is usually not enough to get you where you want to be.  A good starting place is my program THE PRO SINGER’S VAULT, followed up with Skype lessons.

Skype singing lessons with Phli Moufarrege

What you need

  • computer with webcam/smartphone
  • cheap computer microphone is fine!
  • Then you will need to install Skype which is a free video calling app.

Recording your voice lessons

I record the video of each lesson and send it over to you.  This way you have something to work on in-between lessons and don’t have to worry about forgetting what we did.  The goal is to try and get your voice back into the same spot it was in during the lesson – this is how you’ll see consistent improvement.  You’ll also start to develop your ear to the subtleties between incorrect and correct sounds and the mystery of singing will start to unravel.

Get started now!


¥17,500 ($160)

*Please note: cancellations require at least 24 hours notice otherwise lesson is forfeited.*

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