Do you wonder WHY you’ve never been able to increase your vocal range?

Do you sometimes feel like the universe is playing a cruel trick on you?  I mean, how your favourite songs just have to be just a couple of notes too high for you?

And no matter how many YouTube videos you watch, how many vocal exercises you try, it always ends the same.  That anxious feeling you get when those high notes are coming up in the song and you just know you aren’t going to make it?  Yuck.

So you shift it down maybe 2 steps.  You give it your all and it always ends the same.  Strain.  The notes are flat, or worse – you break into falsetto.

How embarrassing.

I know the feeling, because I suffered from that same hopelessness with my voice for close to 7 years.  I used to have to scream my brains out to get anywhere close to the F4 (below tenor high C).  My throat would always hurt after and I couldn’t sing even remotely in tune.

I remember one night after a gig – where I basically yelled through the set out of tune – I coughed up a combination of mucus and blood.  My throat was sore for close to 2 weeks.  At that point I realized I wasn’t singing.  I was making stupid noises that were destroying my voice.

I knew singing shouldn’t feel like this.

I went on a mission similar to the one you’re on now: devouring all the information I could find about how to increase my vocal range, stop straining and develop a killer vocal tone.

I studied practically every method that exists so thoroughly that the mystery of singing started to no longer become a mystery.  To cut a long story short, I increased my full voice range well into the 5th octave and can apply it into songs.  The cool thing is, I actually get compliments now about my voice.  The same types of compliments that people give to “natural” singers.

Once I understood the voice, I started helping other singers increase their range and develop a better tone.  I felt (and still do) that the quality of information existing out there is too generic, incorrect and vague.

In this FREE video series, I’m going to show you things that many singing teachers don’t even know.

Here’s what you’ll get:

  • I’m going to show you the biggest mistakes you’re making that are preventing you from increasing your range and finding that sweet tone you seek.
  • You’re going to learn the importance of growing the chest voice properly and without strain. I’ll show you why you shouldn’t be avoiding your chest voice and why it’s silly to be blaming strain on “taking chest voice too high”.
  • Then, I’ll show you what the greatest singers are doing that you’re not doing, and how to do it!
  • You’ll learn about connecting chest voice and headvoice, the difference between falsetto, headvoice and mixed voice. You’ll learn when you should bridge from chest to head and also when you shouldn’t.
  • I’ll also show you what all of this looks like in 2 students of mine (both male and female) and what they did to expand their vocal range significantly and improve their tone.
  • This FREE course is delivered straight to your email.


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