Are you TIRED of not being able to sing with the range, confidence or tone you desire no matter WHAT exercises you do?

Phil Moufarrege - Voice building expert & singer/songwriter

Don’t you wish you could just focus on singing and delivering the song, instead of worrying whether you’re going to strain or crack at your vocal break?

I struggled with my voice for like 7 years before I even BEGAN seeing results – spinning my wheels getting nowhere. My highest note was an F#4 in chest voice, and I had to yell like mad to get up there and couldn’t really use it in ANY song. At the time, all I wanted was to increase my range to an A4 because the songs I was composing needed that range. I was dying to know how to not only sing up there but actually do it consistently and relaxed, without going hoarse after 2 songs and sounding like a strangled walrus!

Sound familiar?

I felt like I couldn’t sing, like I was just yelling through songs and getting nowhere despite taking lessons, reading books, watching videos and doing singing programs.

Taking singing lessons and doing programs always seemed to go down the same path: they’d just give me a bunch of exercises and say things like “this exercise will work your mask resonance and this exercise will get you into mixed voice!” yet I was still straining on F#4 in the same way every time.

I got sick of hearing all the different advices: “Put it in the nose!”, “bridge into headvoice!” All these things that would either make my tone sound super weird and nasal, or so light and falsetto-ey that I couldn’t use it in anything. Nothing worked.

I was stuck and getting nowhere. Does this sound familiar to you?

I’m sure you can relate with my story above. And the problem is that we spend all these years trying to figure out the TECHNICAL part of singing that we never actually get to the ART part of singing! I mean it’s a bit difficult trying to focus on feeling the message of the song when you’re straining for high notes and feel like your voice is running up against a brick wall.

Since that time, I’ve not only transformed my own voice, but I’ve helped many other singers do the same and I can help you too.

Here’s a recent clip of me singing Journey as well as an original, unfinished song of mine. There are quite a lot of high notes ranging from F#4 all the way up to B4, all done in my full voice, the voice I speak with. This stuff used to be literally impossible for me:

I wasn’t born with talent or anything; in fact I was practically pitch deaf when I started and that took even longer to overcome than increasing my vocal range! I had to learn how to do this from scratch including learning how to make my own music.

I’m showing you this clip of my singing because I know it’s hard to trust a singing teacher when they can’t sing themselves. I can do what I’m talking about and – more importantly, I’m going to share with YOU the ESSENTIAL INFO that you’ve been missing all this time. Things I had to figure out on my own!

This stuff I’m gonna show you works for practically ANY style whether you like to sing RnB, rock, pop, metal, classical, jazz, soul or gospel. You learn how to free your voice and then you learn to mold it artistically and shape it to the style you want to sing in.

It also works whether you’re male or female, doesn’t matter what voice type you are or where your range currently is at (even if you can’t sing up to a middle C).

I’m also not into gimmicky hype or nonsense. I’m not promising nothing except some badass emails with awesome information if you sign up below. Sound good? Let’s get started.

Phil MoufarregeHow to improve your singing – Phil Moufarrege

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